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Not possible is not an option

Not posible is not an option at solidgear


Cutting-edge technologies for product development.

Our knowledge is power to us. Our university-based company relies on engineers with extensive knowledge in mobile technologies and full-stack software development. Our challenge is to implement further mobile technologies and to innovate through our internal R&D projects that will allow you access to cutting-edge technologies.

Our Team is your Team

Our team is your team at solidgear


Learn first-hand about the product status and what’s coming next.

Our teamwork across the process development is behind our success. Our pillars are our deep knowledge in agile methodologies and our vast experience working with offshore teams. We build a channel adapted to each client to communicate with them fluently. Furthermore, we work together with our clients and visit them constantly.

Keep your costs under control

Keep cost under control at solidgear


Agile methodologies to keep your costs under control.

You need to focus on getting the best product at the right moment by keeping costs under control. You should not spend any time training a team of engineers. We rely on a group of skilled people who stick to a standard working method providing flexibility, process transparency and knowledge, which will help you to make the best of your budget and keep your costs under control.

Success Cases

Apperian success case


Apperian trusts on Solid Gear as the perfect offshoring partner for their business.

Learn more >

Owncloud case study


They decided to trust in Solid Gear to fully develop the native apps.

Learn more >

Renault comercials case study

Renault commercials

Solid Gear works together with RECSA building an ad-hoc mobile solution.

Learn more >

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