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Manual signature integration on Xamarin.Forms apps

Do you want to add the option of being able to collect the signature of an user in your own Xamarin app? The best way to do this is to use the SignaturePad nuget. Using this package you can capture, save, export and display a signature in a simple and intuitive way in Xamarin.Forms applications. … Read more

Xamarin Diaries

Xamarin: how to add UITests in an application – Xamarin Diaries

Do you have a mobile application development in Xamarin and do you want to add UI tests (UITests) on it? Solid Gear teaches you how to do it. Xamarin.UITest is a testing framework that allows tests written in NUnit to be run in iOS and Android applications. It is easily integrated into Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android … Read more

Cross-platform development with Xamarin

What strategy should we follow when starting a development that involves applications for different clients, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone? Should we make native applications? Should we choose an hybrid development with Ionic or Cordova? When starting a mobility project, you’ve probably asked on more than one situation this set of questions. As … Read more