JitPack - packages repository

JitPack – Forget about cloning public repositories on Android

As Android developer, you will need to add dependencies to your project sooner or later.  Those dependencies are generally published in package repositories such as Maven-Central or JCenter, but how can we get Android or JVM open source libraries not published in any package repository existing in a public Git repository? Should I clone the code … Read more

Android Priority Job Queue - background tasks

Use Android Priority Job Queue library for your background tasks

Most applications have background tasks inside their code, existing a need to perform code in a no-UI thread. Using these tasks, we expect to keep the application responsive and robust, especially during unfavorable situations. But, can we have the best background tasks system ever? Improving background tasks in Android Android offers in its framework several alternatives to do them, … Read more


Unit tests and Mock in Python: Introduction

At Solid GEAR, we don’t understand development without creating unit tests. They are essential in order to satisfy the new functionality will be working as expected and we have not modified the current functionality. TDD (Test-Driven Development) is part of our philosophy when we develop. In brief, it consists in thinking all possible test cases, … Read more