beacons android

Beacons on Android

Bluetooth is one of the most well-known wireless technologies standards nowadays and it is used in a great range of situations where data exchanging is needed. A variation of this technology is BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy, which differs from common Bluetooth basically in the low power consumption and it’s a good option for applications … Read more

Agile continuous improvement

Client satisfaction through agile continuous improvement and digitization

Continuous improvement is not an option is taking the best opportunity and build advantages, but what opportunity exactly? On digitalization services and software development such as mobile applications, the goal is satisfying customer needs thanks to functionalities performed through scripting. In this case, Scrum or other agile methodologies meet this goal utterly. Thanks of continuous … Read more

Clean architecture. Building Blocks

Clean Architecture design in NodeJS

NodeJS is one of the core technologies that we use in SolidGEAR to bring our applications to life. But as almost every technology available out there, the most critical part is not about the technology itself but how we use it to accomplish our goals. Therefore, this post tries to gather all the experience earned … Read more