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BDD (behaviour-driven development) testing and Behat.

What is BDD? Behaviour-driven development or BDD is an agile software development process that encourages the colaboration between the customers, the software developers and the QA engineers. We can consider it an evolution from test-driven development (TDD) which is focused on the final software specifications more than in technical details.   What is Gherkin? Gherkin … Read more

Using AirDrop in our apps for files transferences between devices without using third parties

We recently had the need to share our iKaizen application data between different devices. Although the usual environment of using this app is in industrial environments, we needed that this data transfer doesn’t depend on any device, server, router, etc. a part of the iPads themselves. To solve this need we decided to use the … Read more

Sharepoint and Windows network drive ownCloud integration

This week the latest version of ownCloud Enterprise Edition was released. Version 7.0 comes with an exciting set of new features, helping ownCloud achieve the goal of Universal File Access. Solid GEAR collaborated directly in the development of this release, providing two new plugins that provide better integration of ownCloud into the world of corporate … Read more