Branding process: good practices

Many of us have faced the process of generating a branding for a website or an application at some point in our working life.

And too much time, this having something tedious that takes a long time. Have you ever thought of automate this process as much as possible?

Here are some tips and good practices that can help you:

  • Use a repository to store all the files that are used in branding process.

    For instance, files that generate the mapping of the images used.This way, if we add a new image to be map, it is not necessary to modified this file for each branded assets. All the branding process we have, would use this file which is up to date.

    This prevent to forget obsolete files in assets folders that never gets updated.

  • Use jenkins or another application for continuous integration to get all the files from the repository and make the actions we need to generate a branded website or application.

    In this case, when you need to brand an application, you just configure some options and launch the job.

  • It is also a good idea to store the different assets (images, css files..) of each branding process in the repository.Then, if we relocate an image (for some improvement in the branding process), it is possible to modify it in all the folder in a row avoiding a lot of errors. 

    There are so many times in which this folder are in the computer of the person in charge of this task, and this can carry on so many problems.

    Branding process

  • It is important to had specific css files for the branding process to add styles that overwrite the general ones.

    You should never use a css files of the main project and modify in it the colors or other styles. Because this way, if there are any update or improvement in this file in the main project, this branded app is not going to take advantage of it. Or to do so, it will involve the effort of compare both files (the one from branded assets and the one in main project) to check which styles must be added in the branded one without deleting the specific styles of this branding.

    This is easily fix by adding a specific css to overwrite general styles: branding.css for example.

    Besides, it is important to only add the style that we want to modify. Generally they are colors of the text or background colors.

  • Another good option to prevent errors is to prepare a website to add brandable images. The website can handle the proper size of the images and other particularities of the branding process.

    At Solid Gear, we have developed an app to automatize this whole branding process: ownbrander. Do you want to know more about it? Keep tuned at our blog

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