App development in the cloud

App development in the cloud

As more and more companies decide to move their databases to the cloud as well as create own custom cloud-based applications, the demand for cloud services tends to develop exponentially. And that stands for a reason. Cloud computing provides a good deal of useful resources and infrastructure needed for building, deploying and maintaining applications. We … Read more

Contactless NFC

NFC: Introduction & compatibility with mobile devices

Having written about Beacons and RFID, now it is turn to NFC (Near Field Communication), a set of short-range wireless technologies commonly used nowadays. Maybe you are questioning my previous sentence, but it is really true. Have you realized that card you use public transport, opening the door or parking lot that without entering in … Read more

Xamarin Diaries

Xamarin Diaries – Introduction to Cross-Platform mobile app development

Hi All! Since we started this new Xamarin Diaries set of posts, we have received some requests from people asking for information about Xamarin. What is it and why it is different from other kinds of mobile development approaches. Some time ago I created an introduction to Xamarin Forms developments in the form of a … Read more