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Xamarin Diaries – OAuth2 with Active Directory

When one of the requirements of our application is to use the OAuth2 protocol in Xamarin, we quickly think of the Xamarin.Auth library. This library comes with an OAuth2Authenticator class that works fine for identity providers such as Google, Facebook and Twitter (among others), but surprisingly it is not flexible enough to adapt to a … Read more


SQL injection in Android content providers and how to be protected

If you are familiar with Android apps development, you have dealt with components for sure (although maybe you don’t know them with that name) and specifically, with content providers. In this post, I am going to talk about how to use SQL injection to access data provided by this kind of components and how to be protected against … Read more

Xamarin Diaries

Xamarin: how to add UITests in an application – Xamarin Diaries

Do you have a mobile application development in Xamarin and do you want to add UI tests (UITests) on it? Solid Gear teaches you how to do it. Xamarin.UITest is a testing framework that allows tests written in NUnit to be run in iOS and Android applications. It is easily integrated into Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android … Read more

Logger express.js node.js unique identificador

Express.js: Logging info with global unique request ID – Node.js

When we deploy a system to production, logs are one of the most important elements when it comes to detecting any problem or anomaly. In the case of API implementations, one of the biggest problems is being able to track the flow of a single request. Since when there are many concurrent requests, the logs … Read more