refresh token autenticación JWT

Refresh token with JWT authentication in Node.js

When designing a web application, along with security authentication is one of the key parts. Authentication with tokens was a breakthrough in this regard, and the refresh token came to complement it and make it usable.   Authentication Authentication systems are divided according to how they verify the user: – Based on something known (password) – … Read more

Cross-platform development with Xamarin

What strategy should we follow when starting a development that involves applications for different clients, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone? Should we make native applications? Should we choose an hybrid development with Ionic or Cordova? When starting a mobility project, you’ve probably asked on more than one situation this set of questions. As … Read more

Test automation. Automatización de pruebas. postman newman jenkins

Test automation for an API: Postman, Newman and Jenkins

What is test automation? Test automation is the use of a software to control the execution of tests and comparison of the actual result and the expected result. To explain how to achieve a fully test automation of an API we need three programs: Postman, Newman and Jenkins. Postman The first program we are going to need … Read more