Xamarin Diaries

Manual signature integration on Xamarin.Forms apps

Do you want to add the option of being able to collect the signature of an user in your own Xamarin app? The best way to do this is to use the SignaturePad nuget. Using this package you can capture, save, export and display a signature in a simple and intuitive way in Xamarin.Forms applications. … Read more

Multiplatform ASP .NET

Multiplatform ASP .NET applications development

Since MS announced ASP .NET code was going to be released and uploaded to github everyone in development community got excited, but it was when MS confirmed its “multiplatform-ness”  when everyone realized the new world of possibilities coming. Multiplatform ASP .NET applications? really? that’s amazing! This new MS approach added to Azure platform (one of … Read more

Sharepoint and Windows network drive ownCloud integration

This week the latest version of ownCloud Enterprise Edition was released. Version 7.0 comes with an exciting set of new features, helping ownCloud achieve the goal of Universal File Access. Solid GEAR collaborated directly in the development of this release, providing two new plugins that provide better integration of ownCloud into the world of corporate … Read more