How we lived the Apps World 2014 in London

As a young company, exhibiting at Apps World  London, along with the the hundreds of mobile related startups, was a dream came true! The atmosphere during the setup the day before the event started was amazing, seeing the level of creativity that the industry has. We were able to learn a lot about the companies that work in our sector and were more than happy to teach other about Solid GEAR.

Our booth was located near Enterprise Apps World exhibition zone, exactly where we wanted to be. We discovered Lunacloud, a Lisbon based company, we had great discussions about cloud storage. They use the ownCloud mobile app that we’ve developed for ownCloud, and had nothing but compliments to say!

We received 100+ of visits and it was surprising how they engaged with our way of working, what we call Solid GEAR’s Method. That we create high quality mobile solutions at the right price, but also, we offer clients the correct strategy to be mobile, and that’s what most of our visitors expected to hear. And, although we feel quite confortable developing B2B solutions, our expertise in User Experience makes us the right partner to develop also B2C apps.

Surprisingly, we were the meat in the middle of the sandwich. Chelsea Apps Factory, in front of us and Mubaloo, just behind us. We made our best close to those giants of mobile SW development. Fortunately, we were supported by one of our clients, Apperian. That gave us the opportunity to increase the credibility of our message. Thanks Kim!

Apart from mobile solutions, many people from many different fields were interested in Applicarte, our R&D project. We are pretty sure that good news will come from The British Isles regarding Applicarte…we’ll see!

Apps World event has given us the opportunity to make more noise in the UK market. There are many opportunities to explore there and we’re are eager to work with UK companies.

In any case, we will see you in Berlin, April 22th-23th 2015!!

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