Manual signature integration on Xamarin.Forms apps

Do you want to add the option of being able to collect the signature of an user in your own Xamarin app? The best way to do this is to use the SignaturePad nuget. Using this package you can capture, save, export and display a signature in a simple and intuitive way in Xamarin.Forms applications.

Steps to follow

First of all, we have to add the nuget both in the common part (PCL) and in the iOS and Android projects. We install version 3.0, which is the highest version available today.

The nuget is developed and maintained by Microsoft.

Later, in our project, it will be very easy to use. You only have to include the namespace of the new library to be able to access its functionalities.

From that moment on we will be able to include the control in the view, both in xaml and programmatically ways. Next, you can see the code to include it in the first way.

We can define different parameters, such as the color of the stroke, the background color of the signed enclosure, the text that we want to show as information, as well as the events that will be executed at the end of the signature or when we want to delete it.

In this way, any stroke that is drawn over the line can be collected as a signature that will be available in image format.

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