Oscars Academy Awards Retrospective

Retrospective is one of the most important meeting in a agile team. This meeting is meant to check what things has worked, things that could be improved, new ideas for improve in next iterations…

This post is about a retrospective we have done recently.

Our mate, Dani Hompanera, organize a funny and useful one. We did it when the famous cinema awards were taking place, so it was called Oscars Academy Awards Retrospective.

What was this retrospective about?

retrospectiveThere was several categories where you were able to be nominated: communication, personal motivation, leadership, good attitude and cooperation, good environment, capacity of solve problems, capacity and development…

We had to nominate five of our teammates in each of the categories.

Although, we thought afterwards that it could be fairer to vote 0 as none and 5 as a lot all the categories for each mate. Because for instance, that a person was not in the list of good attitude does not mean that he/she does not have one but other have it more developed.

Then, we proceed to evaluate the results.

This kind of meetings where others values the way we work is not always easy because it is not simple to hear what others think about us and even less in the workplace.
In this case, what was done to avoid it was talking in a very constructive way of the results of each team member : his/her strengths and points where he/she could improve .

It was great to find a space where we could get feedback from our mates in such an instructive way. That helps to progress and figure out what things are not been doing correctly based on the opinion of the people which better know about this.


This retro was a nice way to work , trying to get everyone to give the best of ourselves and helping each other realize how we can get better.

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