Owncloud 1.7: New version of the desktop application

This week has been released the new ownCloud desktop client. It is available via ownCloud website.

Among the new features in this version, there are two of them, especially visual. Also performance and behavior improvements has been included.

The first of these features includes the new overlay icons whose function is to show the sync state of the data.

Overlay icons show us the state of our files or folders: the most common case is when the file is synchronized with the server, in this case a green tick is displayed, so good. If the file is in sync process turning blue icon is displayed. Files that are excluded from synchronization show a yellow exclamation icon and errors are marked with a red cross.

overlayicon ownCloud

The second feature is the selective sync, because until now it was not possible to have more than one connection at the same time sync. In this way, users do not have to sync all their account in the local directory, now they can have multiple local folders synchronized with one or more remote folders.

To set this option, you should click the button “Choose what to sync” in the settings screen. A small dialog opens to deselect the server directory tree.

sync-folder ownCloud

Moreover, it has been adapted to the new version of OCv7 server, has improved the detection of local and introduced improvements to use the tool from the command line changes.

If you are not yet using ownCloud client, you can now download it from here!

What do you think about the new version?

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