Petrol App – Integration with CARTO in a Mobile App

As a CARTO partner, Solid GEAR has integrated CARTO products into its mobile technology portfolio. To demonstrate the synergy between CARTO and the mobile platform we developed an app that will save you money refueling your car.


Who is CARTO?

CARTO leads the world of location intelligence, empowering any organization and individual to discover and predict key insights through location data. Founded in 2012 in Spain, CARTO has grown to become a multinational company with over 100 employees operating in 36 countries.




Recently CARTO updated their Mobile SDK, improve the ability to use layers in maps, routing and offine access. Among its benefits highlights the answer speed and the direct integration with online CARTO services.


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In Solid GEAR we like to keep abreast of the latest products from our partners. Petrol App was born out of the need to develop a mobile app that takes advantage of these new features. In our first release the application provides the user looking to refill their car with the cheapest petrol taking into consideration their current position.


This is by no means a new segment in the app market. Petrol App improves on other offerings by focusing on save money, not just taking into consideration price of fuel but the cost of travelling to the petrol station and the middle price of other gas stations near of you.


Using the CARTO Mobile SDK we are able to process the pricing data for over 9000 petrol stations located in Spain and provide not just the cost of the fuel but calculate how much it would cost to get to the service station via the shortest route.


How it works?

Every day the Spanish Energy Ministry publishes the price of fuel at each petrol station located in Spain. This data is loaded and filtered into the CARTO platform. Using this filtered data Petrol App is able to fetch pricing information based on your current location, with the CARTO Mobile SDK showing where you can fill-up, how to get there and the total cost.

The features provided by the CARTO platform and it’s Mobile SDK have greatly simplified the process of delivering an app that would have required more effort with competing solutions. This work has only scratched the surface of the Mobile SDK feature set. We will continue to explore the available functionality in subsequent projects.

You can download Petrol App from the Apple App Store


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