We build Software, we create Apps

We design computing solutions focused on mobility.

To do so, Solid GEAR selected the suitable technology portfolio to help us to build high-performance mobile, back-end and front-end solutions, which are underpinned by solid pillars such as flexibility, communication, agility, interactivity and teamwork.

Our engineers

Our engineers are specialised in native developments for different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), in developments with hybrid technologies (Apache Cordova, ionic, Xamarin, React Native) and in back-end and front-end developments (PHP, Python, Javascript, MEANJs).

Technological focus

As technology is always at the centre of our attention, we are widely experienced in cutting-edge mobility-based technologies. Working for Solid GEAR is a way for our engineers to grow, both, in terms of knowledge and experience, and in terms of developing their teamwork abilities.

Our philosophy

In Solid GEAR, we strongly believe that people come before processes. For this reason, we consider the necessity of generating an appealing and inspiring working ecosystem for our engineers so that they can feel comfortable in our company. >Work with us.

Who we are

Y.Carrillo - Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

J.Arias - QA Engineer
QA Engineer

J.Montes - SW Engineer
Android Engineer

G.Croker - Senior Ops Engineer
Director Operations

D.Hompanera - SW Architect
SW Architect (.NET expert)

J.Rodriguez - SW Engineer
Hybrid technology expert

S.Ramirez - SW Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer

D.Velasco - SW Engineer
SW Architect (Android expert)

J.Villafañez - SW Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer

P.García - SW Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer

G.González- SW Engineer
SW Architect (iOS expert)

J.Barros- SW Engineer
Android Engineer

N.Álvarez- SW Engineer
iOS Engineer

S.Bertolín- SW Engineer
QA Engineer

P.Delgado- SW Engineer
Senior Consultant

M.Rodríguez Díaz- Financial Controller
Financial Controller

F.Ruíz- SW Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer

B.Martínez- QA Engineer
QA Engineer

D.Vicente- SW Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer

J.Recio- QA Engineer
QA Engineer

L.Revilla- SW Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer

S.Penín- SW Engineer
iOS Engineer

D.Toledo QA Engineer
QA Engineer