Xamarin Diaries – Introduction to Cross-Platform mobile app development

Hi All!

Since we started this new Xamarin Diaries set of posts, we have received some requests from people asking for information about Xamarin. What is it and why it is different from other kinds of mobile development approaches.

Some time ago I created an introduction to Xamarin Forms developments in the form of a Google Slides presentation inspired in the idea used by Microsoft when they introduce the platform.

I had the idea to convert it from presentation to blog post so that it can be widely accessed. And so here it is.


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About Daniel Hompanera

I'm SW Architect and Team Leader at Solid Gear. Passionated about technology and methodology, what actually makes me happy is to work with People day by day and everything that can make things get better. I don't have favourite platform or technology, although I've been working with .NET technologies for all these almost 10 years and I feel an special appeal to it. I've worked Agile, not so Agile and Fragile environments but if I could choose, of course I would choose Solid Gear's Agile Method with no doubts

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